Curriculum Vitæ
last updated 2015-04-07

Name : Laurent Bartholdi
Title : Professor of Mathematics
Nationality : Swiss
Civil status : Divorced, 1 child
Address : G.-A. Universität zu Göttingen, Bunsenstraße 3–5, D-37073 Göttingen, Germany
Phone : +49 551 39 7826
Secretary : +49 551 39 7752
Fax : +49 551 39 22674
Birth date : August 28, 1973
Birth place : Geneva, Switzerland
Email :

Languages Spoken

French : mother’s tongue
English : fluent
German : good
Italian / Portuguese / Spanish / Russian / Chinese : basic


March 2000 : Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Geneva, titled “Croissance de groupes agissant sur des arbres” (advisor Pierre de la Harpe)
May 1995 : Diploma in Mathematics at the University of Geneva (advisor Michel Kervaire)
July 1993 : First cycle of Mathematics and Computer Science studies at the University of Geneva

Academic Interests

Group theory and combinatorics (in particular groups acting on rooted trees, growth of groups, regular combings of groups, random walks on groups, and dynamical systems)

Dynamical Systems (in particuliar iteration of holomorphic maps).

Computer algebra and computational group theory


2015–2018 : Visiting professor at ENS Paris
2008– : Professor (W3) at the Georg-August University of Göttingen
2004–2008 : Assistant Professor at the École Polytechnique Fédérale, Lausanne
2001–2003 : Morrey Assistant Professor at the University of California at Berkeley
2000–2001 : Visiting Professor at Universities of California (Berkeley), Brasília and Jerusalem


Olivier Siegenthaler : Discrete and profinite groups acting on regular rooted trees (PhD 9.2009)
Shariful Islam : Julia sets as Martin boundary (PhD 7.2010)
Dzmitry V. Dudko : Algebraic invariants of branched coverings (PhD 2.2012)
René Hartung : Algorithmic aspects of infinitely presented groups (PhD 6.2012)
Christian Bick : Bifurcations and chaos in network dynamical systems (PhD 11.2012)
Thomas Sicking : Lie dimension subrings (PhD, 4.2014–)
Thorsten Groth : Algorithmic problems in self-similar group theory (PhD, 11.2014–)
Patrick Neumann : Zeta functions of groups (Master 9.2011)
Thorsten Groth : The conjugacy problem in automata groups (Master 10.2014)
Patrick Neumann : Der Raum von endlich erzeugten Gruppen (Bachelor 7.2009)
Martin Nitsche : Streckenkomplexe (Bachelor 9.2012)
Michael Duppré : Lower bounds on the growth of Grigorchuk’s group according to Leonov and Brieussel (Bachelor 10.2012)
Anton Nickel : Hurwitz’ Satz über summen von Quadraten (Bachelor 4.2013)
Robin Richter : Hubbard trees (Bachelor 10.2013)
Malin Lachmann : Bisets of commuting functions and their Julia sets (Bachelor 4.2014)
Sina Bittens : Free Products and Galois groups arising from Arithmetic Operations (Bachelor 10.2014)

Prizes and Funding

2015–2018 : ACHN (hosting of high-level researchers, “@raction”) of the french ANR, 550’000€
2013–2014 : Scientific expert at CIMI, Toulouse for 6 months
2013–2017 : DFG research grant (project BA 4197/6-1, “Spaces of rational maps”), 169’300€
2013–2017 : DFG research grant (project BA 4197/5-1, “Algorithmic aspects of branched groups”), 169’100€
2013–2016 : research grant of the Mercator foundation “KLEIN: Kulturell bildende Lernobjekte entwickeln, implementieren, neu machen”, with Stefan Halverscheid and Max Wardetzky, 122’000€
2010 : Hua Luogeng prize of the Chinese Academy of Sciences , ∼90’000 RMB
2010–2017 : DFG research grant (project BA 4197/1-1, “Self-similar groups and algebras”), ∼130’000€
2008 : NSF travel grant for a conference (DMS 080xxxx, with V. Nekrashevych)
2006–2009 : ANR research grant (JCJC06_149094, with A. Erschler, S. Brofferio, C. Druţu, E. Breuillard, V. Guirardel, B. Rémy, and F. Dahmani)
2005–2008 : SNF research grant (project 105469/1)
2006–2007 : SNF research grant (project 111547/1)
2007 : SNF international exchange grant (project 116966/1 for F. Guéritaud)
2006 : SNF international exchange grant (project 113024/1 for C. Voll)
2003 : NSF travel grant (DMS 0307231, with V. Jones)
2001 : SNF Individual Support (project 83R-064282)
2000 : SNF Individual Support (project 83R-063208)

Other Professional Abilities

Programs in C, C++ and mathematical languages (Maple, GAP). Wrote in 1992, with Marc Vuilleumier, the Scheme interpreter PCS/GE (freely available from the CUI file server at University of Geneva).

Publications by Laurent Bartholdi

My publication list is maintained on arXiv. You may also search for my papers on Zentral Blatt and mathscinet.

Service activities

2011– : curator of the model collection of the University of Göttingen
2011– : member of the GAP council
2005– : Editorial board of “Quadrature
2015 : member of the scientific committee of GAGTA-9 at CIRM, Marseille
2014 : one of the main organizers of the workshop “Holomorphic and symbolic dynamics” in Toulouse
2012 : main organizer of the walkshop “Groups in action” in the Vercors mountains, France
2011 : one of the main organizers of the summer school “Göttingen-Penn State International Summer School on Dynamical Systems” in Göttingen, Germany
2011 : main organizer of the walkshop “Groups in action” in the Harz mountains, Germany
2009 : one of main organizers of the symposium in honour of Vadim A. Kaimanovich, in Bremen, Germany
2007 : main organizer of workshop “Profinite groups and residually finite groups” in the Swiss alps
2005 : one of main organizers of the conference “Asymptotic and Probabilistic methods in Group theory” in Geneva, Switzerland
2004 : main organizer of workshop “Around groups acting on trees” in Villars, Switzerland
2003 : one of main organizers of the conference “Groups 2003” in Gaeta, Italy
1999 : co-organizer of conference “Groupes finis” in Geneva, Switzerland

Hobbies and Interests

Plays the piano, the trumpet and the swiss alphorn.

Plays bridge (participated in the world junior championships) and chess (participated twice in the junior Swiss championships)

Trained the Swiss team for the International Mathematical Olympiad from 1994 to 1997 (and accompanied the team in Toronto in 1995)

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